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endpointer Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 endpointer (long, long, long, long=700, long=100, long=600, float=40.0, float=80.0, float=200.0, float=2000.0, float=3.0, long=6, long=50, long=150, long=30, long=20, long=60, long=50)
EPTAG getendpoint (short *)
float getenergy ()
const char * gettagname (EPTAG)
long getzc ()
void initendpoint ()
void printvars ()

Private Member Functions

void averagenoise ()
void setnoise ()
void zcpeakpick (short *)

Private Attributes

float ave
long avescnt
float begfact
float begthresh
long bscnt
float dpnoise
long endblip
float endfact
long endframe
float endthresh
float energy
float energyfact
EPSTATE epstate
long evcnt
float * lastdpnoise
bool low
long maxipause
long maxpause
float maxpeak
long minfriclng
long minrise
float minstartsilence
long minuttlng
long minvoicelng
float mnbe
long ncount
float noise
long numdpnoise
float peakreturn
long samprate
long scnt
long startblip
long startframe
bool startsilenceok
long stepsize
float triggerfact
long vcnt
long voicecount
long windowsize
long zc
long zccnt
long zcthresh

Detailed Description

Definition at line 63 of file endpoint.h.

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